Say it Isn’t So!

The sun is setting on another boating season for those of us who live North of an imaginary line.  I’m not sure exactly where this line is for the East coast but suffice to say in Virginia the clock is ticking on the “you need to winterize” meter.

The silver lining is the off season gives us time to do the things we never have time for when the siren song of the water claims our every free minute.  For instance, taking classes or pursuing certifications are a great way to keep one’s head in the boating game when the snow is flying.  New or experienced boaters owe it to themselves and those with whom they share the wateryways to know and follow the rules.

United States Power Squadrons

This is a great organization and the classes are worth your time.  Check out their website to find classes near you or to sign up for online classes.

You can also check community colleges in your area to see what applicable classes may be available.

If you live in the mid-Atlantic region it would be well worth your time to learn about the Annapolis School of Seamanship.  This is a first rate organization that offers all kinds of classes on various topics including diesel engines, navigation, electronics, first aid, and more.  And, if you want to take it further you can take their USCG Capt license prep courses which are outstanding.  Check out their website.

While you make your wish list of stuff to buy for the boat for next season, do yourself a favor and “pay yourself first” with some great knowledge that these classes and seminars can provide.  You’ll be a better, safer, and more proficient  boater.

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