Garmin Blue Chart Mobile App

As reported by Active Captain, Garmin has made a significant stride in maritime navigation recently by offering their blue chart capability set in a new iOS app called Bluechart Mobile. I purchased the app with the east coast charts and I think it’s fantastic. Here’s the video from Garmin.

I’ll freely admit, I’m an unabashed Garmin fan. I’ve used their products for years, both on, and off, and in the water. I say ‘in’ because I use a Garmin 910XT for triathlon training and racing. It’s an amazing, data and feature rich device.

Jeff at Active Captain explains the significance of this product here. While you’re in the site, make sure you browse around if you are not familiar with what Active Captain is all about. If you’re not, you are in for a treat. Active Captain is a tremendous asset for any boater. It’s a perfect example of using technology to enrich our lives.

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