George Buehler brings his plain talk to Passagemaker magazine

Once again I turn to Passagemaker magazine for this post’s inspiration. They have started a new series called “Shop Talk” which will feature columns by leading thinkers of the marine industry. On page 16 of the Jan/Feb 2014 issue, George Buehler, a name familiar to many cruising fans, kicks off the new column with a piece entitled “What $4 a Gallon Doesn’t Mean”.

His point is that even at that price point powerboats are not necessarily more expensive to own, maintain, and operate as sailboats. It all depends. So, when making plans to cruise ‘someday’, on a budget that makes it possible, he encourages practical thinking and counsels not jumping to conclusions.

I admire George Buehler for his designs and his straight talk. I find the “diesel duck” line of vessels very attractive on several levels; aesthetically and practically. I’m currently reading (and thoroughly enjoying) his second edition of “The Troller Yacht Book” which will be the subject of my next book review.

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