Giving Thanks

This Thanksgiving I’ve got plenty to be thankful for both personally and professionally. A couple thoughts from the work perspective…

Without a doubt the most rewarding part of the boat brokerage business is the relationships you build along the way, and for that I am very thankful. Taking care of the client is job one, and with relentless focus on that point, odds are things will work out ok. But really, and thankfully, the sale or purchase is just the beginning of the story.

I am to a degree living vicariously through my clients as I get their emails and watch their social media streams about the cruising and boating they are doing. In some cases, in places that are a heck of a lot warmer than outside my office window right now! I’m thankful for their friendship. Having had a hand in acquiring their vessel, I feel like I am sharing their journey, and that to me is very special.

Speaking of special, so is being able to work in a field you love. When work doesn’t feel like work that’s probably the work you should be doing. I’m thankful for that too, and don’t take it for granted.

And thanks to you for stopping by!



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