Annapolis Powerboat Show

The 2015 Annapolis powerboat show brought good crowds and therefore good ‘leads’ to the brokers working the brokerage cove section. I think adding pre-owned boats into the mix was a smart move by show management as they are now catering to a larger market. Plus it’s just nice to have the added variety. On the last day of the show, the boats have to get moved out. This ritual is always entertaining, if not chaotic. There’s a great deal going on with the show staff pulling floating docks apart simultaneously with boats maneuvering out. An added bonus with the addition of the brokerage cove area is that these boats have to pass through the drawbridge on Spa creek to get out. For some reason a sense of urgency builds among the various skippers, call it a herd mentality, to get out of dodge. With the show closing at 5 pm there was a scramble to make the 5:30 bridge lift. It was quite a spectacle, enough that circus music filled my head as I watched. I would have taken some video but I was too busy grabbing lines and fenders and sucking air through my teeth. I was able to grab some video of a more sedate departure from the main show area. Not as frenetic, but entertaining nonetheless.

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