Evolution of Powerboat Design – When Old is New Again

I came across this site today and was struck by the classic look of this offering from Breedendam – the MTB fourzero wheelhouse model.


She’s billed as a ‘retro classic’. Indeed! I thought ‘I’ve seen that design before’ and a quick web search turned up this 1939 Chris Craft Clipper sedan cruiser for sale here.

1939 CC

Look at the graceful spoon bow on each. The broken sheer on the Chris Craft is paid homage by the styling cue below the forward end of the deck house on the Breedendam. Plenty of glass for plenty of light in each wheelhouse. Open aft cockpit. What’s old is new again. And that is one of the fascinating things about boat design. There are really few truly new ideas, just variations on a theme. Which is just fine by me, because I think they are both beautiful.

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