Breakfast on a Boat

What a great guide for breakfast aboard! …. I’m hungry!

Astrolabe Sailing

I’ve got a confession to make – it won’t come as a surprise to the people who know me, but for the benefit of everyone else – “I am allergic to supermarkets”.

I can’t stand the unsteerable trolleys, the whinging children, the dawdling people, the quadruple handling of the items, the polite conversation with the shop assistant, packing bags, carting it back to the car, unpacking at the other end… Perhaps my attitude will change once I have got plenty of time on my hands to be mooching around the shops instead of working my heart out to earn enough money to sail around the world. But even then, I would much rather be sailing and exploring as opposed to wandering the aisles of the supermarket.

So with that in mind, how does one go about provisioning a boat (or your house for that matter) for breakfasts with limited fridge…

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Broker with United Yacht Sales, retired Marine aviator, passionate boater, student of naval architecture, runner, triathlete and coffee geek

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