After an exhaustive search on behalf of long time friends and clients, we finally found ‘the one’, a 42′ Sabre in superb condition. After a successful survey we eventually closed the deal and it was time to deliver the boat from Falmouth, MA on Cape Cod to her new home on the Chesapeake Bay.

I flew out of Washington, DC Labor Day weekend on a beautiful morning to go meet the new owners on the boat.


One plane, one bus and one rental car later I was safely aboard and life was good.


Well, when dealing with boats, like life, there’s what you plan and then there’s what happens. Tropical Storm Hermine did her part to disrupt things.

Hermine lollygags off the coast of New England

She stalled out off the coast and provided us with plenty of fresh water to wash down the boat. We had plenty of time for route planning.

Did you know that Joshua Slocum made it around the world without one of these?

Eventually she meandered far enough off the coast to calm things down bit and we were off on our first short leg to Stonington, CT where we grabbed a mooring at Dodson’s Boatyard. This place is a boat lovers dream with an eclectic mix of power and sailboats dotting the mooring field.

One of the gems in the mooring field. Pretty sure this is a Herreshoff…


Day two saw us run down the Long Island Sound on a beautiful day with ideal conditions to transit Hell Gate and mosey along the East River past Manhattan.

We transited with a bit of flood still coming in but Hell Gate was fairly benign this day

We passed the Wall Street pad, a place my client and I had been many times in a previous life, and enjoyed reminiscing while critiquing the helicopters buzzing in and out. And we kept our heads on swivels because as the fella says in Tombstone “Man this ‘burg is jumpin’!”


Then we passed and paid our respects to the Lady.


We grabbed a slip in Sandy Hook for the night. Day 3 saw cooperative weather and seas for the run down to Cape May. The morning greeted us with a great sunrise.


After an uneventful run off the NJ coast we arrived at Cape May and got a slip at South Jersey Marina. This place is GREAT. We were greeted with a small swarm of dockhands to help us settle in, was given a car ride to get essentials (beer) and to top it off this place has the nicest heads I’ve ever seen in a marina. No kidding.

Huuuuuuge showers

Day 4 would see us finish up the trip with a run up the Delaware Bay, transit the C&D canal and head down the Bay to the boat’s new home port.

Another beautiful sunrise

The C&D was quiet.


And then just like that she was in her new berth. The boat ran flawlessly the whole way and it really could not have gone any better. I’m grateful to my friends for bringing me along!

In her new home




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