Like many certified boat nuts, I get lots of magazines about boats. I’m guessing that also like other boat nuts, I get so many magazines that I get behind on reading them all. Here I am after the holidays with stacks of magazines. Taunting me. ‘Why aren’t you reading us?’ they say. ‘There’s lots of great content here!’ they say. So yesterday I triaged the stack.

Not for the first time, Woodenboat magazine found it’s way toward the top of the list. I’ve been a long time reader of this magazine, starting back in the 70’s as a kid growing up around antique and classic boats. My Dad, also a certified boat nut, was an early subscriber.

The Nov/Dec 2017 issue features Ray Hunt’s STINGRAY. Ray Hunt, the gent who brought us the Concordia yawl, the Boston Whaler, the deep-V hull, etc. A genius in the truest sense of the word. STINGRAY is the kind of boat that looked great when it was built in the 1960s, looks good today, and will look good 50 years from now. Assuming that there will be an owner who keeps her up. We can only hope.

The article was written by non other than Stan Grayson, author of “A Genius at His Trade”, which I reviewed here. There’s so much to like about this boat, besides her timeless looks. She’s got a great layout to accompany her great, smooth riding hull. What a gem.

So if you haven’t seen the article, and the great photographs and drawings that come with it, go get a copy. Better yet, subscribe.

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