When you get it, you get it

One of the great benefits about being a yacht broker is the sheer number of boats you get to look at.

As a lifetime boater, I’m always looking for things that I like and don’t like when doing showings for clients, because it’s a wonderful way to fill the brain with little tidbits that ultimately become a wish list for our next boat.

After 20 years of owning the same boat, my wife and I decided that it was time to acquire our next one. With that decision made, suddenly the mental rolodex of all those years of boat details came flooding through my mind.

I’m now in Sarasota Florida, on board the boat that we just bought, getting her ready to make the trip north to the Chesapeake Bay. It’s a 1981 Duffy hull that was finished by Wilbur. When we saw the boat online it really spoke to us. To a traditionalist, this sort of boat exudes character. Maybe it’s because both my wife and I are from New England. Maybe it’s because I’ve always loved the Downeast style. Maybe it’s because I grew up in old boats and my heartstrings just can’t let go. In any event, the ‘chemistry’ was there right away.

The funny part is that I’ve gone against my own advice to clients time and time again. ‘Oh goodness’, I would exclaim ‘look at all that exterior bright work; if you buy this boat you’re gonna be a prisoner to that forever.’ Or, ‘Wow, that listing you sent me is 40 years old, you really have to be careful when you buy a boat that age – let’s talk about this’.

The truth is, boat buying is a very subjective exercise. So, let’s say you are in the market and are intrigued by a boat that fits your general parameters such as budget, etc. and go look at it. If she makes your heart sing, I mean really flutter, (regardless of the care and feeding you know that she will require) and she makes you turn around two or three times when you’re walking away down the dock, then you know what you need to do. Take a chance; make an offer and get it on contract. Sure, she may do poorly at survey, but then again… she might not.

Back to the present. These are just a few teaser photos. I can’t take wide pictures of the interior because the boat looks like a yard sale due to provisioning and journey prep, but these snaps will give you an idea of what I mean.

We should be starting our trip on Thursday or Friday. More to follow.


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