Volvo Ocean Race grounding of Team Vestas Wind

The dramatic grounding of Team Vestas Wind has been discussed thoroughly around the interwebs. Some of the better commentary I have seen comes from Campbell Field of 

Also, sailing has a good piece published with commentary from Vestas Wind navigator Wouter Verbraak.

There are plenty of photos and video available at the Volvo Ocean Race site as well.

The crux of the issue appears to be that the electronic charts used by the crew would not show the reef unless zoomed in at very large scale, hence they didn’t see the reef in their path. Is this enough to once again raise the argument of having paper charts aboard? Navigator Verbreaak did note that leg planning involves review of multiple sources, including paper charts, but that in this case the route was changed just before the start, and I infer from his comments that another detailed review of this new route wasn’t conducted.

In any case, we have yet again evidence that despite our technological advancements, the sea has the final say.

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