The Sailing Britican


Anyone contemplating living aboard a boat has lot of places to turn to get advice and information. Without a doubt the most useful info comes from someone who is out there doing it. This is especially the case if they take the time to document not just the good stuff like pictures of idyllic sunsets and feet dangling in tropical waters, but also the not so good stuff. The stuff that was learned the hard way.

About a year ago thanks to the power of social media I met Kim and her husband Simon who, at the time, were posting about selling off all their stuff and buying a sailboat to live aboard and eventually, to circumnavigate. Now, a year later, they are out there somewhere in the Med aboard their 56′ Oyster doing exactly what they set out to do.

Do yourself a favor and browse to get a great dose of what it’s like to live the life of a live aboard. Even if that’s not in your plans there’s a great deal of information on the site that any boater will find useful.

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