ZAIDA III – Worthy of Saving!

The April 2016 edition of Soundings magazine features a story by Pat Mundus about Zaida III, a 1937 Alden cutter that served in WWII, patrolling US East coast waters as part of the Coast Guard Reserve. She’s available for sale after years of careful and diligent care by her current owner. If ever there was a vessel worthy of passing into the hands of another caring owner, one who could take on a thorough restoration, this is it.

As I read the article I thought of Earnest K. Gann, author of Song of the Sirens, a great book I posted about here. If Mr. Gann were around today I am sure he would acquire this boat. Sadly he’s not around anymore so a new patron is needed! These restorations are of course expensive to undertake, but hopefully there is someone out there with enough of an appreciation for American nautical history to keep Zaida III alive for years to come.


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