Active Captain – Actively Valued

IMG_3112There are many reasons why I like Active Captain. One of the big ones is that as a broker I end up going to places I haven’t been before on behalf of sellers to conduct surveys and trial runs. In those cases where the owner isn’t present I often operate the boat. Meaning, I need to have good awareness of the locale.

In the ‘old’ days, as the event drew near I’d refer to charts, do a map study, and ask around for local knowledge. I still do that now, but with Active Captain I have access to plenty of local knowledge that is recent – a big plus when dealing with areas that may have shifty shoaling going on and other little quirks.

I use Active Captain on my iPad with Garmin Bluechart, making it easily transportable and functional.  If you’re a cruiser or coastal trailer boater headed to new places, ActiveCaptain can be a big help to you, too.

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